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Ted Handy and Associates Inc. Featured in Redcage Revit Training Testimonial

December 9, 2016

The staff at Ted Handy and Associates Inc., Architect recently completed Advanced Revit Training with provider Redcage Solutions.  Our goal was to expand and refine our current Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.  Please visit link below to watch a video testimonial of the benefits we received by participating in the Redcage Revit training.


“The benefit of training with Redcage was seeing the many potential areas of Revit that we could be using demonstrated to show the speed of which projects could be conceptualized and designed.”   “Issues we were having were reviewed and solutions or processes were quickly demonstrated by Redcage.”~Eric May, Senior Technologist

“Revit training allowed us to identify and eliminate inefficiencies with our use of Revit that we were otherwise completing in different, longer, inconsistent, and unorganised ways.  Specific benefits of the training included developing shorter work paths within Revit, developing a project template, view templates, a detail library, and learning how to better use and edit scheduling for our purposes.” ~Kristal O’Shea, OAA Intern Architect

“Revit is a very complex program, but the training helped me to understand the capacity and flexibility, manage the site with the plan, setting the Revit display parameters, and render in cloud.” ~Anna Frankiewicz, Senior Technologist

Tools Learned

“This kind of smart modelling reduces time, but more importantly, reduces the margin of error which tends to happen as jobs near their deadlines.  Any time, I can have something automatically update in my plan, elevations, section, (and even details!), I am so much further ahead” ~Andrew Slade, Architect

When discussing a newly discovered tool taught by RedCage, Andrew notes: “these kinds of ‘Tips & Tricks’   are what make a tighter set of drawings when using BIM and there were many more like this we discovered with Redcage Solutions.”  ~Andrew Slade, Architect

“Small tips and tricks (such as space bar to rotate along a line) really go a long way when they are commands I use on a daily basis.” ~Jessica Hickling, Intern Architect

“As an avid Revit user, I found the training by Redcage to be a benefit for reaching beyond my BIM comfort zone… The classes opened up areas of the program that I previously had not explored or was curious about but didn’t have the time to delve into. By learning about the more complex parts of Revit, I found that my ability to customize how projects are implemented was increased.” ~Erin Hoffman, Architect

Increase in Workflow and Efficiency

Redcage “provide[d] guidance in developing a tailored office Revit template. Redcage BIM specialist Travis Van Clieaf not only provided numerous effective solutions, but furthermore provided clear explanations that elucidated how each solution functioned. Travis facilitated a collaborative environment and guided the project using consistent terminology to make the process both efficient and enjoyable. “ ~Shannon McMillan, Coop Student

“This [project template] in turn impacts the efficiency for the whole office. We all understand how the template works and how to continuously update it with new information.” ~Erin Hoffman, Architect

“In terms of productivity, we have the benefit of the building being quickly created as a whole entity. Sections, elevations and 3D views are immediately available during the drawing creation for reference. Renderings are easily created to envision the finished project. We have created a new drawing template which properly sets up our projects and contains many of the typical details we used to have to go searching for on past projects. For a recent project, the ability to show exiting paths in a building that shared an exit stair with an adjacent building based on an easement from 1871 was helpful in the permitting process. ” ~Eric May, Senior Technologist

Sustainable Design

“With the RedCage Revit training we are now able to take better advantage of the energy analysis and daylighting features Revit provides.” ~Jessica Hickling, Intern Architect

Competitive Edge

“The 3D visualizations training sessions have helped immensely, by allowing clients to visualize and look around the spaces in our current projects.” ~Jessica Hickling, Intern Architect

“In terms of competitive edge, Revit and Redcage have us well poised for the future as we have moved away from cad based lines only drawings to creating the building as a whole.” ~Eric May, Senior Technologist