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Ted Handy and Associates Promotes Energy Efficiency by Switching to Bullfrog Power

April 21, 2013

Ted Handy and Associates has made the switch to using green power. In late 2007, the office of Ted Handy and Associates began using Bullfrog Power, Ontario’s first 100% green electricity retailer. Being an environmentally conscious office, it was a natural progression towards energy efficiency.

As an architectural design firm, Ted Handy and Associates is very aware of the need to carefully consider the environmental footprint we leave through our day-to-day choices and through design. Our experience with recent projects such as the new Springwater Township Administration Centre and Midland 6th Street Elementary School (Mundy’s Bay Elementary) has reinforced our position with regards to environmental responsibility and enabled us to learn more about what that looks like in design and construction. From our selection of natural materials to the most advanced forms of heating/cooling systems, we are learning how we can sensitively approach projects of all shapes and sizes. Both this municipal building and school are anticipating LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an initiative designed to recognize sustainable green buildings and follows universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria. In turn these projects will find their place in the spotlight as recognized examples of sustainability in the local area and nationwide, therefore, becoming a great source of community pride.

The office of Ted Handy and Associates has also taken steps to green up the place by switching off lights in areas not being used, replacing bulbs with energy efficient products where possible, regularly recycling paper and plastics, reducing the use of bottled water by installing a filter system to access tap water, and insulating entranceways for reduced heat loss. And the list does not end there – we plan to continue examining ways to improve upon these practices and researching environmentally friendly products as this market grows. The firm stands behind the principle that we must become examples to our clientele and community if we should expect to see change.

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