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Ted Handy and Associates Architectural Digest

Ted Handy is happiest when people don't notice his work. As an architect, Handy's aim is to create buildings that blend into the natural surroundings not overpower them. A prime example of that design philosophy can be found in his latest project, the South Shore Community Centre. It was designed to make the most of the bay, incorporate the existing building and fit into the landscape of the waterfront without standing out like a sore thumb. Handy is pleased with the finished project. "Architecture should only complement the natural environment. " You can never get better than that," said Handy, owner of Ted Handy and Associates, Handy considers himself both an artist and a businessman, "Architecture is the greatest social art. "You can't do architecture in isolation. It has its technical demands but it's an art form," he said. Designing buildings is an interactive art form, in that people can...Read More

Ted Handy and Associates has made the switch to using green power. In late 2007, the office of Ted Handy and Associates began using Bullfrog Power, Ontario's first 100% green electricity retailer. Being an environmentally conscious office, it was a natural progression towards energy efficiency. As an architectural design firm, Ted Handy and Associates is very aware of the need to carefully consider the environmental footprint we leave through our day-to-day choices and through design. Our experience with recent projects such as the new Springwater Township Administration Centre and Midland 6th Street Elementary School (Mundy's Bay Elementary) has reinforced our position with regards to environmental responsibility and enabled us to learn more about what that looks like in design and construction. From our selection of natural materials to the most advanced forms of heating/cooling systems, we are learning how we can sensitively approach projects of all shapes and sizes. Both this...Read More

Energy conservation and environmentally-friendly design are key elements of the $24.7 million expansion, which will add much-needed space to the existing 43,000 square-foot building constructed in 1973. The expansion, which will add almost 70,000 more square feet of space to the administration centre, will feature some of the most up-to-date LEED (Leadership in energy environmental design) features available."It's important for us to minimize the building's effect on the environment and showcase this kind of technology," said Darren Bedard, maintenance and facilities manager for the county. The two-storey expansion, which wraps around three sides of the existing building, features a wide variety of green technologies. Exterior glazing on the large windows, combined with argon gas between the panes of glass, reduces ultraviolet light from entering and increases the insulation factor, as well as letting in plenty of sunlight. Working areas will have daylight sensors (so lights are dimmed or shut off if...Read More