Mundys Bay Public School

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Students at Georgian College will now have more on-campus food options. On Thursday, August 29th Subway Restaurant’s newest location, designed by Ted Handy & Associates, opened at the College. In conjunction with the installation of the new Subway, the hallway area outside of the restaurant – known by students as “The Centre of the Universe” – was also renovated. For a space that was previously dark and restrictive, the goal was to open up and allow more light into a busy junction of campus circulation. The space now permits more student activity and a greater connection to the exterior. The lead architect for this project was Ted Handy, with Erin Hoffman and Stephanie Duncan providing design support. Phil Santia of e-Lumen designed the lighting component of the project. The general contractor for the project was Big Tyme Construction. Photo courtesy of Georgian...Read More

We're proud to have received a 2013 Canadian Green Building Award for the County of Simcoe Administrative Centre expansion. Designed in partnership with Teeple Architects of Toronto, the expansion is intended to resolve the complex access to the existing building and to take advantage of a natural site. Public access to 22 different departments are improved though the design of an external ring, which connects existing spaces and new areas of the building. Along with much needed public space, the design also includes a new cafeteria and lounge area for staff. The expansion was carefully sited to minimize the impact to the site. The new addition is LEED Gold certified. The Canadian Green Building Awards recognize excellence in the design and execution of Canadian buildings, houses and interiors based on the criteria of sustainable design, architectural merit and technical innovation. The 2013 award winners were announced on June 4, 2013, at...Read More

Mundys Bay Public Atrium

We’re pleased to announce that Mundy’s Bay Public School, designed by Ted Handy & Associates, has been named the most energy efficient school in North America in an assessment of the energy performance of over 500 schools. The assessment was done by Sustainable Schools, whose mission is to provide benchmarking, performance monitoring and best practices training to assist school boards in setting and keeping energy conservation goals. Mundy’s Bay, which opened in Midland in 2008, has a total energy consumption of $0.53 per square foot or 32 KBTU per square foot/year. It achieved LEED Gold certification in 2009 and was one of the first sustainable education projects in Canada. Some of the energy-efficient aspects of this project are as follows: Solar orientation and wind patterns were reviewed and the academic wing of the school was rotated to take maximum advantage of natural ventilation and the midday sun, which is easiest to control. Detailed...Read More

Ted Handy is happiest when people don't notice his work. As an architect, Handy's aim is to create buildings that blend into the natural surroundings not overpower them. A prime example of that design philosophy can be found in his latest project, the South Shore Community Centre. It was designed to make the most of the bay, incorporate the existing building and fit into the landscape of the waterfront without standing out like a sore thumb. Handy is pleased with the finished project. "Architecture should only complement the natural environment. " You can never get better than that," said Handy, owner of Ted Handy and Associates, Handy considers himself both an artist and a businessman, "Architecture is the greatest social art. "You can't do architecture in isolation. It has its technical demands but it's an art form," he said. Designing buildings is an interactive art form, in that people can...Read More

Ted Handy and Associates has made the switch to using green power. In late 2007, the office of Ted Handy and Associates began using Bullfrog Power, Ontario's first 100% green electricity retailer. Being an environmentally conscious office, it was a natural progression towards energy efficiency. As an architectural design firm, Ted Handy and Associates is very aware of the need to carefully consider the environmental footprint we leave through our day-to-day choices and through design. Our experience with recent projects such as the new Springwater Township Administration Centre and Midland 6th Street Elementary School (Mundy's Bay Elementary) has reinforced our position with regards to environmental responsibility and enabled us to learn more about what that looks like in design and construction. From our selection of natural materials to the most advanced forms of heating/cooling systems, we are learning how we can sensitively approach projects of all shapes and sizes. Both this...Read More