Springwater Residence

Building Design and Sustainable Architecture Services

Design excellence and technical innovation are stressed in each of the services we provide. Many of our projects involve the sensitive integration of existing and sometimes historic buildings into successful design solutions. The firm is skilled and thorough in management, scheduling and cost control.

Our role is to manage the process and input creative responses. The design of this project must be carried out hand-in-hand with the users to ensure that the appropriate operational imperatives are translated into the final design. Our methodology employs interviews, interactive meetings, and workshops to attain user and staff involvement and support. Workshops facilitate an interactive and participatory dialogue whereby the voices of all those invested in the project are heard. The following is a list of services we offer here at Ted Handy and Associates.

  • Full Architectural Services
  • Site Analysis
  • Environmental Review
  • Development Consulting
  • Master & Facility Planning
  • Code Review
  • Interior Design
  • Graphics & 3D Visualising



Each building is an asset to the community, and we approach each project with practical solutions that balance life-cycle costs and sustainability with current budgets and ensure that they are completed in a professional manner. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is demonstrated in our green design philosophy and through the importance we place on the application for LEEDS rating for projects. Wherever possible, we strive to incorporate environmentally sensitive products and services in our project designs.