Georgian College Health and Wellness Centre

Our architecture is a collaborative process of developing creative solutions that are thoughtfully crafted to reflect each client’s unique vision.

Ted Handy and Associates Inc., Barrie’s Residential, Corporate and Church Architects since 1958

Since 1958 Ted Handy and Associates has helped shape the architectural face of Barrie and the region of Simcoe. Our team is a collection of highly skilled, imaginative and talented individuals. Through our non-biased approach to consulting and facilitation, we work to understand, enabling our clients as decision makers. Our past experience and successes instill trust and confidence in our clients. In the end the marriage of our process and experience results in innovative solutions and ultimately a quality product that commands respect.

“I think one can tell more about a civilization from its architecture than from anything else it leaves behind – painting and literature depend largely on unpredictable individuals. But architecture is to some extent a communal art – at least it depends on a relationship between the user and the maker much closer than in the other arts.”

– Kenneth Clark